"Livia Lippi“ – it‘s an Italian quality and style at an affordable price. "Livia Lippi“ brand was founded in 2016 in Florence, the city where a few centuries ago was born an Italian fashion and "Made in Italy" label. Florentine leather products are famous all around the world, while „Livia Lippi“ bags and backpacks remind romantic Italy, reflect the Italian way of life and legendary„dolce vita“. We search the best florentine artisans to make our bags. Livia Lippi mission is to match the millenary Florentine tradition of working leather with fashion minimalistic design.

Glimpes of history

The Florentine tradition of working leather dates back into antiquity. Due to the proximity of the Arno river, providing an endless supply of water necessary for the tanning process, Florence and other small towns bordering the river became important sources of high quality leather. Already in the Middle Ages leather workshops were founded in Florence, and diligent craftsmen produced the leather gloves, particulary appreciated by noble women, whilst the nobilmen liked leather belts, and finally pilgrims used genuine leather handbags and shoes. Florentine leather products became famous in Europe. Since that time, the Florentine products of genuine leather are appreciated all over the world so far.

Made in Italy

"Livia Lippi“ bags and backpacks are made in Italy: genuine leather is tanned and processed in Santa Croce sull'Arno and Vicenza cities. The leather is colored, models are designed and bags are sewn in Florence, Italy. Our company‘s experts in Italy select high-quality bags and backpacks from the best manufacturers, mark them with "Livia Lippi" sign and send to our shop in over the Europe. We care a lot about the environment. The leather of our bags is worked in the best ecological way and the bags are made to last for long time! Think about it before you buy a plastic bag!

For unique women

"Livia Lippi“ bags and backpacks are named by Etruscan goddesses (etruscans were an ancient population of central Italy). These goddesses were strong and wise, also fun, playful and mysterious. Just like „Livia Lippi‘s“ customers! „Livia Lippi“ seeks to make each women happy and satisfied. Italian quality and design ensures that „Livia Lippi‘s“ customers will enjoy their purchases for years.